Hi Everyone, today 8 years ago, the first video was posted on YouTube.  Since then YouTube has revolutionised the way that we share and view video content.  Many of us now use similar video sharing technology as part of our informal learning, but that is not the case with everyone.   I’ve used video in the design of programmes, both as pre-reads and also as the content (instead of typically elearning). It would be great to hear examples of where you have used video in your learning offering, or what are the barriers that are stopping you from using it?

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Hi Garrick, 

It is certainly hard to image a world without video and YouTube!

We use video in various ways to help our clients with their learning. We incorporate it into our more formal e-learning, as we find this helps break up the training as well as giving employees a visual of something they can relate to. We have also used video for clients as a fun and more informal refresher to their more structured and formal learning. We find this works well at reminding people of key points. We have also used it as a one off tool to drive key messages and awareness through companies in a more engaging way.  

Hi Garrick,

My company is building all-video courses for general eLearning (MS Office, general soft skills, that sort of thing).  We did some focus groups last year and had people watch traditional eLearning from a variety of providers, and the general reaction was "bored".  

We researched how we could make eLearning more interesting, including hiring comedians & professional storytellers as consultants.  In the end what we found was it's the human interaction that helps to make the courses engaging.  And the best way to simulate real human interaction in eLearning is with video.  And for maximum benefit it shouldn't just be video of the trainer, or video of an actual classroom event (we've tried both), it needs to be specifically created eLearning video with more than one person on screen.  

For an example of what I mean, there are free samples on our courses page: https://www.bigger-brains.com/courses/

Now, the downsides: There's less interactivity in our approach, and we don't use many assessments, so this isn't suitable for some training topics.  It's also insanely more difficult to produce (we use a real studio, multiple cameras, and expensive video editing computers).  But the results have been a hit with our customers and resellers. 

Hope this helps,



I've been playing with the idea of using video combined with peer-instruction. The thought is to have a video propose a question or a statement and then show a "Pause video"-sign. The video is to be viewed in groups and the group should discuss the question/statement before they restart the video to hear the answer or parts of it, i.e. this can either be done in steps and more discussions or a full reveal once and for all.

Any thoughts?

I like that idea Henrik -Thankyou! can think of lots of uses for that.

Garrick, we have been working with local college media & film studies students who are developing a short promotional film for us to help embed organisational values and behaviours, and also a service user film to help encourage reporting of incidents.

We are educating service users (managing health, condidtions, accessing services etc)  as well as staff (techniques, awareness, compliance). Showing a hard hitting film first that encourages the learner to 'care' helps engagement with theory and assessment whether classroom or elearning. A particularly successful longer film we use (20 mins) is 'Leaving' which has recognisable actors from mainstream drama http://www.socialfilmdrama.com/projects/ 

Hi Garrick

We use videos as bite size pieces of learning for our Managers.  The video's help familiarise our managers with our HR policies and performance management process's.  The videos have been very popular and successful in our organisation.  The problem I have at the moment though is storing the video's once they have been recorded.  Due to the size of the files they take up a lot of space and we want to be able to make them available to our Global OD and Learning teams.  I would be keen to hear if anyone has a suitable solution they could recommend.




Hi Sarah, check out https://www.annotag.tv/

Hi Chip,


Thanks for the link and your post.


I would like to offer you some advice on the sound of your recordings however - You sound quality is being compromised by three things - room, microphone and post production. 

Room: You can't do too much about the visual part of the room but you can stop a large part of the sound reflection that is off camera.  Some cheap sound proofing tiles will really help in this area.  Office partitions covered in foam sound tiles will really help if you want a cheap option.


Microphone:  From what I can hear you are using the wrong type of microphone and incorrectly configured.  I think you are using a Omni directional microphone which is picking up reflections, a directional microphone would really help.  Also, if there is a bass roll off on the microphone then turn it on - it will eliminate a large proportion of low end hiss.  Alternatively you could move to using Lapel type microphones which have a much closer range and will give you a clearer recording (http://www.thomann.de/gb/lapel_microphones.html) anything by Rode, AKG or Audio Technica will be more than adequate for your production.


Production:  Compression is your friend, as is DeEssing.  You can do this "on the way in" as part of the recording process and then again as part of the post production.  You don't have to spend a lot on a half decent compressor/limiter/gate or DeEsser to find a dramatic increase in the quality of your recording. 


Here's an example of "few microphones" - a huge empty studio - and good post production that was recorded at the Marshall Amplification Studio in the UK and mastered by Curly Lead Studios in Nottingham, UK ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFNQNYAcZ3E ) where I am the First Engineer.


I hope this helps you along - keep up the good work.





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