Does anyone have any examples or insights into how, if at all, Web 2.0 and social learning is being used by organisations within their graduate training schemes? 


Thanks in advance if you have any pointers.


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I am just starting to look at creating a social learning platform within the company. This will be used for all areas and graduates is also an area that I am looking at. Therefore, would also be interested to hear how other people are using it.
Hi Kate

We use this approach in Scotland for graduate recruitment for the NHS (junior Dentists in particular), rather than in the training programme itself - although that's where we want to go too. It helps our rural and remote employers in particular to sell themselves.

We allow those recruiting, and those they are looking to recruit, to meet informally in our internally developed social networking space to let them interact -- before they then enter their employment preferences, whereupon we run an algorithm to match employers to employees.

I'm not sure if that is what you would be interested in or not; I'm very happy to ellaborate but will keep this short and sweet to see if this is of interest?

Hi David

That sounds great - I'd certainly be interested to hear more about the algorithms you run, sounds very scientific!

Hi Kate,

There's a similar thread I responded to with pretty much the same information. I'm working a project to improve the effectiveness of a 6-week graduate induction program. The domain is software delivery and all the inductees are technologists in application developer, business analyst and quality assurance analyst roles. The above diagram is indicative, though I'll be happy to talk you through the model over skype (sumeet_moghe) or twitter (sumeet_moghe).
In general, we're moving from a model where we trained people in classrooms for 6 weeks at a stretch to include a blend of synchronous learning, elearning, classroom training, real work, social learning and coaching. The challenge is to make a very successful program more successful despite the number of moving parts we're throwing into the mix. The bigger challenge is to ensure that social learning and elearning actually helps people pick up these strongly technical yet craftsman like skills in hi-tech industry.
Hi Sumeet

That's really interesting, thank you - fascinating to see it all actually working in practice. Do you find the graduates really engage with the process? And do they have an initial face to face session to 'kick things off'?

Have followed you on Twitter - I'm @kategraham23

Thanks again for your help



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