I am trying to find information on the demographics for different types of learning technologies for various age groups. Is it as obvious as say Baby Boomers - Library, books, pdf's; Generation X - Computers, TV, Video; Millennials - Mobile phones, apps?

Anyone know of any info, can't seem to find anything when I google, maybe not googling the right phrases? 

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Hi Richard

our learner landscape Audit explores this in lots of depth - we've shared some of the key findings in our LearnerVoice 2 report - www.towardsmaturity.org/learnervoice2.

This version focussed primarily on 5000 knowledge workers but we didn't see significant differences in age groups at all!



many thanks. This is really useful.


Hi Richard,

I recently attended a conference workshop on unconscious bias delivered by Jenny Plaister and Carol Whitaker.  I got the impression that this was an area of their interest and expertise so may be worth contacting Carol.  http://www.whitaker-consulting.co.uk/ 

hope you find what you are looking for,


Excellent Bill, tks. I have been on leave since I posted this and have come back to a plethora of responses, brilliant. Tks for the link, I will check it out.


The organisation I work are all about getting people using technology and like Laura says we find surprisingly little difference in what people use.

If anything the issue is getting them to try stuff, touchscreen tech like iPads can actually be really good for older learners as the UI is more intuitive - no explaining how to move a mouse or click just touch the thing you want to find out more about.


we are currently changing the way our Library looks and works, including interactive exhibition areas. Your suggestion is spot on.



Hi Richard

Although the data I have attached is for Oil and Gas only, it does cover a wide array of disciplines as it is a mandatory programme for offshore personnel. It is a snap shot over the past 6 months since we started recording which device was used to access the online course. We have a lot more information around this initiative and where permissible (data protection) we would be happy to share.

What is surprising is the lower use of iPad and Android, keeping in mind the course was designed in HTML5 for cross platform/device access.

Anyway hope this is useful.



many thanks for this. That is surprising results for Android and ipad but pretty steady across the age groups. Many thanks for this and I may come back to you for the next sample and of course would source the data back to you.



There are some interesting papers and articles by Marc Prensky and Don Tapscott who investigate this. It's not really as simply as "digital natives" (Gen X) versus "digital immigrants" (Baby Boomers) though. It is more related to individuals experiences with technology. For example there are many Gen X-ers who are happy to use their phones and tablets for social media, but ask them to play a game on it and they'll look at you suspiciously. And on the other end of the spectrum you may have baby boomers who have made a calculated effort to familiarize themselves with technology and utilize it as much as possible. I think the more important question is how people access technology and how they use it.


agreed, a good response. I will check out the Prensky and Tapscott articles. Obliged.


Is this any good


(may have to cut and paste the link into your browser)


thanks for this but it seems the the url gets chopped up a bit (well does in my window) so tricky cutting and pasting with any real result. If you can try again it would be appreciated otherwise tks for trying.




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