What are the best articles on Performance Management?

Friends. Help us. What are the blogs/articles/books we must read in the area of Performance Management? Please reply below. Be interested in what you find useful.

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Have you tried Michael Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management (2014)? It's very readable and practical. I'd say it's a pretty comprehensive handbook, and in that sense I think of it as a 'must read' in this area.

Hi Paul. Can you provide a little more context? What's the purpose of your question? It may help narrow down... there are lots of articles and books!

Hi Jonathan. We are always looking for articles/blogs/podcasts that we use as topical content for our e-learning toolkits. We usually seek digestible and interesting pieces which are useful to managers across all disciplines..not just L&D staff. Many thanks.

For practical performance management tips and ideas, do take a look at the series of essays on our downloads page at https://www.watchandgovideos.co.uk/resources/

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a series of short useful essays.



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