What are you most looking forward to at Learning Technologies 2013?

I thought it might be a nice idea to see who's looking forward to what at next week's Learning Technologies event and if people have specific objectives or information they're hoping to come away with - either from the conference or the exhibition. Then we can look back afterwards and reflect on what we've learned.

I know last year for example, I wasn't expecting to be so blown away by some of the thinking from the likes of Ray Kurzweil and Jaron Lanier. So while that wasn't on my list beforehand, I certainly learned a lot from their sessions!

Would love to hear what your expected highlights are and what you're hoping to get out of next week. And that's whether you're attending in person or following along on the back channel. 


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I agree Kate - the speakers last year were very good but this year (and like yourself I found them better than expected) the lineup is considerably more impressive. There are very few surprises from the exhibitors (as one would expect) but that is exactly where the speakers can (and hopefully will) make a change.

Commercial companies that need to sell a product (especially in our industry) tend not to take too many risks but people who made their name by thinking 'out of the box' have to, it is those people that I am looking forward to hear from.

Hi Asi, thanks for your comment. I agree, there are some names that people are really buzzing about, including Nicholas Negroponte, Lord Puttnam and Tony Buzan to name but three. I think it's their job to push the boundaries and I'm hoping they do that to the same extent that some of last year's speakers did. Often the vendors are maligned when they're doing a great job - I sometimes think its the customer organisations that are conservative in what they want to implement, which can make the vendors err on the side of caution. That said, I'm really looking forward to hearing some great customer stories and getting inspiration for just what can be achieved in L&D!

As someone who is from the impoverished public sector and therefore unable to attend the conference itself (its sad I know but its saving your tax money, people..) I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on the back channel. I'm glad you're curating on the behalf of many, so thank you.

I'm also looking forward to watching a number of the seminars, but my one hope is that the speakers do not use the opportunity to give the hard sell. I've walked away in the past as speakers start the "What our company does is..." bit. I think speakers should work on the basis that I've done the research and am sat there because I know they're great and want to be blown away by their latest developments.

And perhaps most important for such an online community - meeting people in the flesh, its still something I consider invaluable.

See you there!
Thanks Dave, that's the aim of the back channel is to take the conference to as many people as possible. I agree on the seminars and have seen some blatant pitches in the past (and like you I got up and walked away!) but there is so much great content too. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them after the event. And a big yes to actually meeting people face to face, I can't wait to meet so many members of the LSG that I know online!

Hey Kate

I'm looking forward to catching up with you!  I'm going on Tuesday to the exhibition only and hopefully some of the free seminars.

What else am I looking forward to re the event?  I know the networking will be good and I'm looking forward to meeting up with members of one of my COLF groups, shout out for Paul Gill.    Having a good look around and attending a few of the free seminars.  Be interesting to find out if they're any good or an excuse for a sales pitch.  Although they could be both, in which case I'll still get something from them.



Hi Mandy, also looking forward to seeing you! The free seminars are certainly proving a popular part of the event this year. Let's hope they deliver. And of course, a good old fashioned excuse to see people in person is also a big driver. Am hoping to say hello to folks like Paul myself, people I 'know' online but have never met. It'll be great to get your reflections after the event to find out how Tuesday goes for you. See you there :)

I'm looking forward to attending the conference and exhibition tomorrow/Tuesday and to tweeting about the sessions I attend as part of the back channel team. I agree with Dave that some of the free sessions can be frustrating and a bit noisy! I enjoy networking at these events and finding out what the latest thinking is. I wonder if there will be any surprises? I heard Stephen Heppel recently at the 25th anniversary elearning network event - stimulating and entertaining if you haven't heard him. Hope to meet  some new folks tomorrow as well! :)



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