What did you take away from the Learning and Skills Group conference?

If you attended this year's Learning and Skills Group conference, I'd really like to know what you took away from the day (apart from a pair of handy binoculars). A separate mail will go out asking for feedback on the event itself - this forum is for sharing your thoughts with the wider LSG community.


So please do let us know: what will you do differently as a result of the conference?

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To spend 15 minutes every day on my personal development...and encourage my manager to adopt this across the department.

(And many other things)

Tap in to more conference backchannels - the info I got from #lsg11uk on my way home was fantastic


I agree, i have been to a couple of events with back channels and i think they are great. I have found it more difficult convincing some colleagues who aren't as keen on technology to use them though
headspace + ideas = a way forward

Great conference, Donald. Lots of food for thought and ideas. Most useful thing for me was emerging trends and seeing what other people are doing - made me realise that a lot of material has got stuck in a rut. I would have liked to attend more of the lectures - will there be a synopsis of these available at any time?


The recurring theme I took away was the need for L&D teams to move out of the classroom (and/or the LMS) and into the workflow. In other words informal learning -  it's not exactly a new concept I know, but it's clearly something many of us are struggling to achieve even if there is a growing consensus that it's the best way to contribute to the success of our organisations.

I've also learned how much you can get from the backchannel, in fact I've been collating the shared resources on my blog: http://jimmyhob.blogspot.com/

There's a really handy application for Twitter, called The Archivist, for pulling together statistics about a Twitter channel - I've saved an archive under http://archivist.visitmix.com/jimmy_hob/1


Oh, and the most important lesson I learned? Get your binoculars early to avoid disappointment! :o(


Thought it was great to share experiences and learn from others working in a similar area.

Engaging event with great energy would definitely recommend to others and interested to present myself in the mobile learning area.



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