Hi everyone,


I am conducting an evaluation of what we call Teaching Pods at City and I wondered what you all use at your universities?

I have attached a photo of what we call Pods which is basically a purpose-built unit that houses various lecture room technology. The Pod offers you convenience and reliability: everything you need to start your meeting or lecture is at your fingertips and all the technology is supported and maintained by the Audio Visual (AV) team. Of additional importance is the fact that the Pod technologies allow you to appeal to several learning styles and thus enhance the overall learning experience in your teaching.

I am also interested to know what you think the classroom should look like in terms of technology and space in the next 3-5 years.


I look forward to your collective wisdom and thoughts on this topic.



Rae Karimjee


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Hi Rae,


I'm struggling for time at the moment to provide a more in-depth answer, but here are some interactive photos in my Flickr account that may provide an idea as to how we have structured our learning spaces








Hi Craig,


Thanks for your photos its good to see that there is something similar at your end. Where do you see the future for classroom technologies?


Hello Rae,


I like your design of the 'Teaching Pod' looks to be very flexible; here in Technology Division of the Defence Academy we use very similar tools (smart boards, and smart podia) fixed projectors and multi-TV screens, but ours are fitted around existing office and classroom furniture.  We also use voting button (wireless) with Y/N, alpha-numeric and short text answers to monitor learning progress and to provide feedback on elements of education delivery.   


Class rooms in the UK in the next 3-5 years will not change much due to funding, I suspect we will have to 'make do' with the resources that we have.



Hi Andy,


thanks for the reply and yes you're quite right my estimations of the future are similar based on the data we've recieved but I have yet to undertake some indepth interviews with some of my colleagues on this. I like the word smart podia that's a new one. If you have any photos of your equipment, it would be good to see.






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