I’m researching innovative tools used to create E-learning content that could be created by only a few employees in a private business for training.  Would anyone mind sharing his or her experience? We have used Camtasia in the past and prefer not to use an LMS if possible.

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Hi Jamee

As video appears to be the flavour of choice I use a quite innovative video tool called Hapyak its new and allows you to add clickable text, overlays, hotpsots and links to other web pages. Lots of video tools do some of these things but not all in my experience, for me it really brings to the video to life http://corp.hapyak.com 

Hope it helps



Thank you for your recommendation Marco.

Hi Jamee,

Have a look at this video for additional information.


Best Wishes

Thank you for sharing. 

Hi Jamee

We use Lectora (which now comes with Camtasia) and Captivate, depending on what we are delivering.  Captivate is good for demonstrating computer programmes whereas Lectora is better for soft skills type training.



Thanks Sarah.  I've seen a common thread with both Captivate and Lectora. Appreciate your input.

Similar to many we use Captivate and Camtasia for a lot of the stuff we create, but also tools like Videoscribe to create RSA Animate type whiteboard animations.

For me the ID is more important than the tool, I prefer to create packages that make it difficult to know what software has been used, and most packages use a combination of at least two of the above, and a social element where possible.

Good luck.

I have looked into Videoscribe as well.  Thanks Mark.

I remember a great talk by Nigel Paine about a BBC production team creating a simple learning module on how to set up a scene and maintain continuity by videoing a discussion whilst sitting by the Trevi fountain in Rome on a sunny/cloudy day with all of Rome's noise in the background. All they used was a cheap Flip video camera then at the end played the completed scene - simple to create but hugely effective and was watched by a huge audience! I've also recently been introduced to Snap! by Lectora which performs simple conversions of Powerpoint slides to other formats and can include narration and some other basics - quick and dirty maybe but also only $99.

I love the fact that some of the most effective work done isn't necessarily the most expensive.  Thanks for the info.

Hi Jamee,

From your question I gather that you prefer to use standalone tools rather than the collaborative LCMS mode. We have recently decided to go the other way due to the complexity and challenges stand alone tools create (an LCMS as a service can be a great solution).

In any case I recommend you look at: http://www.dominknow.com a very nice web based tool that churns out HTML5 which means that you are future proof in terms of devices (not to mention no need to repeat the publishing process for different devices like you would need with articulate).

As for video tools - I would go for a Cannon still camera along the lines of the D700, a tripod and a wireless mic. This kind of camera is regularly used for full filming work - they are much cheaper than a full blown video cam, offer a great selection of lenses and can still do high quality stills (something you always need when creating content). We're actually working with the LCMS provider for the BBC internal elearning and this is a guideline they suggested.

I hope this helps!

Good luck!


Very helpful information! Thanks, Asi.



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