I’m researching innovative tools used to create E-learning content that could be created by only a few employees in a private business for training.  Would anyone mind sharing his or her experience? We have used Camtasia in the past and prefer not to use an LMS if possible.

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Hi Jamee

If you were looking into creating screencasts; short videos of screencapture with voice over (typical You Tube type stuff), then a great little tool is screencast-o-matic http://screencast-o-matic.com 

It's so easy to use. The free version does the job and for just $15 you can get the pro version. It's nothing like Captivate, Camtasia etc, but it's not meant to be. Is it 'innovative'? I guess if your client has not done this kind of thing before then it would be.

I'm promoting it in our business at the moment and people love it, because it's so quick and easy to use. The resulting files can then be put onto intranet, Sharepoint or emailed. People are using it to quickly show colleagues how to complete any PC based task. Much more effective than trying to explain over the phone or in an email.

Good luck


Nigel, this is definitely new to us, and quick and easy are good words to hear! It sounds like something that may be helpful.  Thanks.

Don't forget Prezi as alternative to PowerPoint.

Yes, I have looked into Prezi.  Thanks.

Keep an eye on this open source project:  https://community.adaptlearning.org/

Their vision:

  • To create, as a community, the leading e-learning authoring tool for producing responsive content (i.e. single version output) that works across multiple types of devices.
  • To develop a freely available authoring tool for organisations that wish to develop their own responsive e-learning content, specifically those in education but also commercial companies and public organisations.

My perspective is from a small L&D team. We have a large field based audience so mobile delivery is important.

I'm a big fan of the upcoming Adapt tool. It's got an excellent team of developers behind it but still at a testing stage. I have built a couple of e-learning modules with the early framework. You do need some developer skills so most people will need to wait until they release the authoring tool front end.

Responsive web design is very important going forward. Tools that produce responsive e-learning means I can author one version of content that will run on multiple devices. You can alter what displays based on screen size. We are all short of time and we want to keep things simple.

I really like Adobe Captivate, I used it to create highly interactive systems training. However, like many authoring products it's often used for just click-to-reveal type interaction. Adobe has other tools that create responsive web content but I'm not sure Captivate is that tool yet. Authoring tools have been focused on building sequential screens but mobile is all about scrolling/resizing content.

Authoring tools also depend on what delivery format (flash/html) your audience can receive. If they are always going to be desktop based then Captivate/Articulate products allows you to do some really nice flash based e-learning.

We need to follow trends on the internet rather than our own industry. What can we use to create small digital learning resources? Cool tools always spring up. For example Go Animate would be great for creating customer skills videos.



Thank you for the great information, Howard. This is very useful to me.

Thanks, Charl. I will research this project.

Hi Jamee

Have a look at Sparkol VideoScribe. It's not an authoring package, but you might be able to use it for some of your content: http://www.sparkol.com/products/videoscribe. It's a good tool for producing engaging videos.



Thanks, Natasha. We definitely want to spice things up a bit concerning the delivery of the content.


I have been using Captivate for many years and can recommend it as a RAD tool, and now with the latest versions and add on's  I really don't see the need for anything else.   T


That is good to know, Darron. After a lot of research, I still keep coming back to Captivate.



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