I’m researching innovative tools used to create E-learning content that could be created by only a few employees in a private business for training.  Would anyone mind sharing his or her experience? We have used Camtasia in the past and prefer not to use an LMS if possible.

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I have been using Atlantic Link for a couple of years now.  It allows me to record simulations and create a range of content including quizzes. Although I do also use, and like, Camtasia, Atlantic Link is the product I turn to when I need to create something a little out of the ordinary. The support is very good too.  I export my courses to our LMS but you can run without if you prefer.

I haven't heard of Atlantic Link before, and I will definitely look into it now. Thanks.

Hi Gerlinde

For whatever reason, I can see your post in my private feed, but not on the discussion board itself. To answer your question, right now I don't believe we are in need of or ready for mobile learning. Maybe in the future...



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