Hi everyone


I'm an in-house eLearning Designer/Developer at Boots, and my colleagues and myself are interested in finding out a bit more about what other retaillers on the UK high street are doing with eLearning, to help us generate new ideas, network and share best practice.


We're interested in whether you use eLearning? Whether you mainly produce it in-house or outsource? Do you use it only for your desk-based head office audiences, or like us do you train your in-store colleagues via eLearning too - what challenges and solutions have you found? Is there any appetite or potential for using mobile learning in your retail environment, or are you already using it?


If you don't want to talk about what your company is doing publicly on this forum, but would still be interested in chatting and sharing ideas, please email me at charlotte.kummer@boots.co.uk - it would be great to hear from you.




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Hi Charlotte, how are you?

Although I've not had much involvement at store level here (or much eLearning) I did get involved with enabling some out sourced content to land in our stores recently.

Not surprisingly the issues that arose are similar to what we had at Boots such as:

  • Time away from the shop floor - short modules required
  • Time pressure from other learning interventions going on and other planned activities in store
  • With mobile, the impression that people are 'just on the phone' and not doing training

Activities vary here but include the usual suspects, compliance, product knowledge, wider development pieces.

We also have issues with different kit and bandwidth into stores with the end result being that content is built for the lowest common denominator.

Hope that helps.




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