What is the single top L&D tip you would share with your LSG colleagues?

What have you learnt in the course of your career that would be really useful for colleagues here on the Learning and Skills Group to know about? It could be totally tactical ('Always begin a public presentation with a full set of lungs') or utterly strategic ("Never begin an L&D plan without first knowing which executive gives you complete support.")

The only thing it has to be is short.

To start off, here's my offering: Never say 'yes' to a training request without first asking 'why?'.

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When writing a new course, write the final exercise first, it makes the course writing easier.
Engage with your IT department. When producing a business case for any new learning technologies always include the wider benefits to the organisation and customers rather than just focusing on the technolgy itself.
Make sure that there is a very clear "line of sight" from your interventions to the customer that your business serves.
Never design a training program without thinking of follow-up coaching.
Don't assume your learners have thought about their learning objectives before beginning!
If your not enthusiastic or passoniate don't expect others to be......
My top tip is; never say no to a training request but ask what the people will be expected to do better after the training?
Differentiate between what people want and what they actually need
When you move online, the learner is in control - however much you might want to think otherwise.
Or how about: Find ways to put the learner in control... in every situation!
Speak in a language the learners will understand - a training course shouldn't sound like an instruction manual or textbook
When designing an e-Learning course be very strict about amount of info being covered, otherwise will not work.



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