What is the single top L&D tip you would share with your LSG colleagues?

What have you learnt in the course of your career that would be really useful for colleagues here on the Learning and Skills Group to know about? It could be totally tactical ('Always begin a public presentation with a full set of lungs') or utterly strategic ("Never begin an L&D plan without first knowing which executive gives you complete support.")

The only thing it has to be is short.

To start off, here's my offering: Never say 'yes' to a training request without first asking 'why?'.

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+1 to that!
Or assume that many won't have!
Training is not learning. Be clear about which you are trying to achieve.
Hear, hear!
It is vital that you fully develop your training team at the outset (preferably against a recognised accreditation process) in some core principles to support learning e.g. stakeholder engagement, course modelling and design, presentation and delivery techniques, evaluation studies of of ALL blended & own time learning systems. Back this up with studies on coaching/facilitation/mentoring, NLP, TA, ROI, negotiation & assertiveness skills. It does take time.

Short term savings ('..been on a train the trainer..') will result in medium/long term failings in the impact the learner has on the business. A bit wordy I know but I have seen the benefits of applying this method.
Write L&D plans as you would business case proposals, with clear outcomes for individuals; groups and the business as a whole
Mine follows on from Dons "Continual "Focus" on the desired outcome enhances determination to achieve success"
if you want people to engage like adults and take responsibility like adults, give them opportunities to learn like adults. Most of us are overjoyed to have left the lecture theatres and classrooms behind!
Make sure the intent is clear. Use that as the lens for everything else. e.g. The intent is to increase customer satisfaction. Therefore will this (this being whatever you're doing) lead to increased customer satisfaction...
A good axiom for travel is ' take half the clothes and twice the money'
A good axiom for L&D is ' design for half the content and twice the practice'
Find out the true level of organisation commitment and figure out who else you have to engage (and how) before getting started.
Your audience is the learners - not the stakeholders.
How will they respond to content? how much do they know?



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