Hi all,


I was doing a piece for my business on external recognition for our L and D team's efforts in creating fit for purpose design solutions that have been well delivered and well recieved by our business, and I was wondering what Learning Awards are out there and who are the governing bodies that run them?


Your help, or a point in the right direction would go a long way.


Kind regards,



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Hi Karl,

You could try looking at the Training Quality Standards detailed here.

Hi Karl
I'm the chair of the judges for the IT Training Awards that are managed by the Institute of IT Training (the IITT). As "IT Training" now includes "using IT to train" don't be put off by that "IT" tag!!!
You can find details of the awards at
Thank you both for your responses. I will use both examples within my report. I have also included the National Training Awards and the CiPD Personnel Management awards.

If anyone knows of any others, please speak up.

Hi Karl

In addition to the ones suggested already it is worth looking at the following:

E.Learning Awards - deadline for registration just gone but perhaps worth considering next year: http://www.elearningage.co.uk/AWARDS.ASPX
HR Excellence Awards, Personnel Today and Training Journal all have 'excellence through technology' or e-learning categories.

Encouragingly, of course, many awards now have a stronger focus on business impact and leadership/stakeholder engagement rather than simply implementation.

I can thoroughly recommend looking at the Boost Marketing site which features a full list of awards: http://www.boost-marketing.co.uk/awards/

All the best

Thank you Cheryl.

Spot on.

Hi Karl

Hope you are well.

I'm also doing a similiar exercise for my business area.

A couple of others just in case you hadn't come across them;

Training Journal - www.trainingjournal.com/awards
Workforce Development - www.workforcedevelopmentawards.org.uk
World of Learning - www.learnevents.com

The boost site above looks really useful, thanks Cheryl!

Michele Wiffin
Thanks Michelle,

Again, very useful.

Please apply to the Bersin & Associates Learning Leaders program, it is widely recognized and all winners are rigorously evaluated against benchmarking criteria. There are many categories, you can read more at http://www.bersin.com/leaders.
Hi Karl

You could check out the e-Learning Age awards for any programmes that you would like to submit for external recognition: http://www.elearningage.co.uk/awards.aspx or the National Training Awards http://www.elearningage.co.uk/awards.aspx. I've worked at organisations that have used both schemes successfully to gain recognition both internally and externally for the work of L&D.

Best regards

Thanks again all. My cup runneth over with options...
Hi Karl

Whilst they do not offer "gongs" as such the British Institute for Learning & Development do offer a Quality Mark which is a great testament to the standard of delivery for L&D professionals. You can find the info on this link http://www.thebild.org/qualitymark, I know it's not exactly what you want at this time but certainly worth a look!

Thank you thank you thank you - keep 'em coming!



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