What Next for the Learning & Development Professional?

This will be a workshop at the LSG Conference on 9th June at 1530.

These are difficult times for everyone, but perhaps for those of us in L&D it is an opportunity to seriously look at our role in the organisation and our own careers.

It is all too easy to just stick our heads in the sand and keep doing what we have always done but in times like this anything can happen, and maybe we should be seizing the moment and exploring how we can take control, develop ourselves and start driving our careers.

Do you REALLY know where you want to go? The workshop will tease out what some options could be - but what do you think they might be? What is stopping you from getting there? Have you thought outside the box?

On 9th June, we will be able to discuss these questions and others, but I am dying to know what you think now – so start here by letting me know your thoughts, concerns and ideas!

See you at the conference!

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I wrote about this here -> http://cipher-quaker.blogspot.com/2009/04/from-training-specialist-...
In general, I think the L&D role needs to start thinking beyond the classroom as you've asked here. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the conference.
Really enjoyed your article Sumeet! Likewise - look forward to discussing further at the conference
I think you make a very good and worrying observation, that we need to evolve into something else.

In times like these we have seen before that L&D tends to get pushed to the bottom of the pile, until things begin to turn around and then we are expected to be on the cutting edge and deliver everything and anything at a moments notice.

Last time round ('91/92'?) in the US there began a major split between L&D and HR, then over the years that have followed HR have seen they have to 'prove' their worth and L&D has been slowly reeled back in for some organisations as it actually does bring in measurable improvement and worth.

I have already seen moves by some HR execs to push L&D away again in this recession, cut costs of HR and strangle L&D for budget to do anything. This is the are we can improve the most, by taking control and understanding the HR function in a much better way. Maybe the time is near where L&D actually takes HR under it's wing.

Radical? yes! but I think business is looking for radical at this time. It will interesting to see how things are in the USA when I am there next week at the ASTD conference.
You are spot on Neil. We will no longer be able to justify our existence by 'just managing our trainng budget' well', as a community L&D professionals are going to have to seek ways to gather the knowledge needed to expand their roles and be ready for the 'turn around'. Will be interested to hear from you what the ASTD conference covers in this subject area.
I also totally agree on your comments re HR? For years I have thought we need to be the stronger partner! - How do we get to that point though



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