What percentage of your training portfolio is made up of Learning Technologies

I'm looking for some insights to do a comparison to other companies.


I have been tasked with setting out what percentage of our training portfolio is made up of Learning Technologies as opposed to traditional Classroom training.


So my ask of you all is can you let me know the mix between classroom and learning technologies in your organisations?


Also what is the best way of working this out.  Is it number of available courses, or is it based on time to train.


Any assistance anyone can give me will be gratefully received.  I will post results from us here at Vodafone Ireland as soon as I have it all calculated.


Many thanks in advance

Iain Beresford

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If, by learning technologies you mean e-learning, webex etc, we are currently at 40% with a target of 50%, although we are apprehensive in that classroom training took a dip last year
Hi Lesley, thanks for the response. Can you let me know how you measure this. Is it thorugh courses available. by hours of learning or is it by completions.

Many thanks




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