Whether you attended the conference or the exhibition at Learning Technologies this year, I'd be interested to know what - if anything - you plan to differently at work as a result. What did you take away from the talks, the stands and the conversations you had.


Most importantly - over the course of 2011, how can this group help you reach your goals?


(This links in with two other discussions: What's your biggest challenge in 2011? and What are you hoping to get out of Learning Technologies 2011?)

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I thoroughly enjoyed both the conference and exhibition. The key challenge that we have at The Garden Centre Group is to take training and learning from theory into practical implementation. To achieve this we need to ensure that the learning culture within our business thrives and grows. I particularly enjoyed the session from Bersin which identified some key strategies and measures to make this happen.


Tom Martell

Hi Don,


Great question!


If I am being brutally honest I hope that the messages contained within LT11 have raised many companies awareness of Learning Technologies to the extent that they are looking to recruit a suave, debonair, passionate and modest Learning Technologist - ahem!


Seriously though, I don't plan to do anything 'differently' but what LT11 served as, was confirmation that what I am doing is the 'right thing' to be doing and has acted as a energy/morale booster for the forthcoming year.


Already looking forward the mid-year LSG gathering.



Hi Don,


Stories and Failure.  The conference reinvigorated my drive to use stories to educate, stories to inform and stories to inspire.  Failure of expectation (as Roger Schank put it) helps learners reflect and recreate their models, scripts and schemas.  This is something we need to weave more into our learning offerings.


Most interesting factlet for me was Dr Chris Atherton's mention that a picture of the brain, or a mention of neuro science instantly makes people believe whatever comes next is science, fact and therefore undeniable.  Love it!


Andy Jones


The views expressed in this article are mine alone and don't reflect the views, values or opinions of my employer.

I'm going to do my best to avoid getting drawn into the debates, analyses, proposals and specifications for Learning Management Systems in my company. The talks confirmed for me that I'm best to leave that stuff to those of my colleagues who are interested, and that I can contribute more by working on the things that interest me - namely cognitive psychology, learning design and fighting the monstrous legions of compliance testers. That's enough of a fight. And I don't think social learning should be going anywhere near the LMS. I found this conference truly invigorating, and my thanks to Don and all involved.

Hi Don,


I haven't had a calm moment since returning from LT11 until now. That is why my response is kind of late. But better late than never I guess.


Some things that I will do differently after LT11:

* I will start using the action mapping method to a much larger extent. I have tried it out before but after attending Cathy Moore's session I will have this as my fundamental method to create learning experiences with the business in focus.


* Dr Chris Atherton inspired me to use even more images instead of bullet points in my presentations.


* Roger Schank made me realise that we are on the right track when it comes to sharing stories in our company. However we have work to do to really connect these stories to the context and situation the learners are living in.


* I will lobby hard to get the budget to be back next year for LT12 and hopefully also bring some more people from our company.


Thanks for a great conference.


Better late than never as they say ... I've got a few things on the go that were inspired by talks at the conference:

First of all, I'm redoubling my efforts to get social media used more at my company (inspired by Jane Bozarth), and I'll be starting by trying to make our outdated forum system break or become unmanageable under the sheer volume of posts.  Also helps that I've studied Gilly Salmon's five stage model for scaffolding interactions, so I know where I'm going for helping people to build genuinely interactive networks instead of just blogging away at deaf ears.

Secondly, I've got access to Cathy Moore's e-Learning Blueprint, which has empowered me to take the driving seat and work proactively with subject matter experts, instead of feeling backed into a corner producing a growing mass of 'just-in-case' e-learning modules.  The first prototype is on the way, and I'm sure it can only get better with feedback from practitioners, plus it's being submitted as a project for my Masters course! :o)

There were some subtle but powerful changes to my way of thinking from other lectures; obviously Roger Schank's lecture will be influencing my approach to learning for some time to come, and I was pleased to get some insights into cognitive psychology from Itiel Dror and Chris Atherton.

I'm looking forward to the Learning Skills Group conference in June, hopefully there will be something to reinforce or expand on the lessons already learned.



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