Some trainers where I work have got excited about following up a face to face session with a powerpoint + voiceover for those who missed it.

I've produced one for them in PPT and Articulate presenter, very simple, and suddenly everyone wants one. I'm not that surprised as audio's been banned for so long because of bandwidth.  Trouble is the trainers have got it into their heads that this is called a webinar. As fast as I can explain what a webinar actually is, another trainer comes along with 'I really like that webinar you did for xxx, so we plan to do three over the next three months...!'

Trouble is they then say 'Well, what's this called then?'. It's not Powerpoint because it's not IN Powerpoint, it's not elearning because it doesn't have any questions (don't get me started on what they call 'interactive'!) ; I've been calling it just a 'presentation'. For some of you, I know, this type of communication is commonplace - what do you call it?

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I've referred to them as presentations, mainly because we use Adobe presenter to create them -

Such as this one on business models (8 min):

I tend to make much more of them than just a powerpoint with voiceover - its more a chance to create a visually simulating animation illustrating the main learning objectives - there are different challenges and advantages in using this medium over presenting yourself, live. The viewer doesn't have you to watch, justa disembodied voice, and attention is liable to wander sooner. At the same time, they can review and rewatch, so packing more information in is also valid.

One - I've just finished the first cut of -
I'm slightly concerned that at 17 minutes, that one is too long. I'd welcome any opinions!
Try ScreenFlow. Adobe presenter has a ton of bugs & is very poorly supported. ScreenFlow allows you to have video of yourself talking in addition to the screen capture.
Sounds good, Suz - particularly 'cos I am a Mac user - just that Adobe have a neat solution when it comes to creating SWF's of it and making it available - I'll agree with you though. No mac version, wont allow anything newer than powerpoint 2003 files - if it wasn't already in our suite of tools, I wouldn't champion it!
I am keen to use "whatever you want to call them" to send out to customers on a regualr basis to indicate system changes. Can anybody recommend a good screen capture and editing tool?
I have been looking at CamStudio but have never used it. Any thoughts and comments would be gratefully received.

For what it's worth i like the name Screen Demo's
Well the winner is .... (chosen by the customer not me!) ...(roll on the snare) ...... webcasts!

Jon, I don't do software walkthroughs or training so when I use screen capture it's just to use a screenshot, not teach how to use the screen. I use SnagIt for that. If you're looking for more sophisticated stuff I'm sure people here will discuss Captivate and its competitors.



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