A simple question - what will your biggest learning challenge be in the coming year? Let us know!

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Make that 4! See my response.....

Hi Don

Great question!

Overcoming organisational soup to get the transformation to a socially networked collaborative working culture moving - fostering the change to get past the tipping point. Once this starts the re-framing of L&D as a true business partner can begin to establish momentum

Answering the question makes me realise that the issue is not the technology - it is creating the environment where the technology is available and can be leveraged - however keeping abreast of the technology is another challenge

HI, as a first time participant in an on-line communiity and as General Secretary of (i.e. a solicitor proviing legal, business and strategic support to) an organisation known as Physio First (4,000 self employed Chartered Physiotherapists) with huge ambition in terms of establishing ou own on-line community and evolving our current education programme along "E" / "blended" lines, this represents a brand new experience. I am also attending the conference next week with our Chairman, as a fact finding oppertunity ... so "hello"!!!  
Don, last year strategy was key.  This year, my biggest challenge is a very practical one.  How do we rollout Windows 7 and Office 2010 with minimum disruption to the business in terms of workflow and productivity?



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