Where is the best place to advertise for Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers?

I have found most of the Magazines (both tree-based and online) tend to be article based (pleased to say) or advertising wares, as opposed to jobs. I assume that there are appropriate  places to advertise for people in our industry, just not sure where that is, so be grateful for any assistance or guidance in finding the right place to advertise, for the right professionals in our sector.

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Hi Ken,

There are various elearning groups on LinkedIn where you can post jobs.

Otherwise most jobs tend to appear on the various job boards, via agencies or directly on sites like Monster.


Thanks Mark, I'll pass this on to HR.
I agree, LinkedIn seems to be the place where professional jobs are posted. I have recently signed up to just one job board on it and was so inundated I have had to remove the email notifications!
Well you've made a good start here! :-)
Good point, if anybody is interested, then fire a private message and I will pass it on to HR.
Apparently they tried this and a few other general ones, but "instructional designer" does not appear to come up in the categories :-(

I would also be interested in this as I am currently developing a JD and then plan to recruit for a Learning Media Manager/Cordinator in 2011.

Hilary Reen, Global L&D Manager, Arkadin
If I'm looking for work, I use JobServe, JobSite and Monster, and so do most people that I know. They are not sector-specific but they are so big that everyone uses them.
The ELN (elearning Network) and eLearning Alliance (focusing on Scotland) both have vacancies areas.
Also try blue eskimo (www.blueeskimo.com) and 'chinwag' (chinwag.com)
Hi Ken -
I am also looking for a change in my job. I have not found a single location for e-Learning related jobs as they can be in academic or industry. If you put your profile in the many online agencies you will get emails regularly. But I have found it is also good to have your CV on your personal website. I have done this on my blog at: http://abasiel.wordpress.com/references-professional-profile/ or
Best of luck. - Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel



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