Does anyone know which learning management systems integrate easily with SAP? We have all our HR and training records stored on SAP, and it would be very useful if there could be a regular update of staff changes from SAP to the LMS and transfer of learning records from the LMS to SAP.
With our current LMS we were able to bulk upload existing staff onto the system from an Excel file exported from SAP, but have to enter weekly staff changes manually.

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To my knowledge this functionality is not available on any LMS in the market. Data (rational format) has to be exported from SAP via Excel spreadsheet and uploaded into applicable LMS manually. If you already have an LMS - you might want to contact the vendor and have one of their engineers develop a bespoke algorithm or add-on.

Hi John,

We are in the process of running our Moodle system alongside SAP. For a while now we've had one way communication from SAP to Moodle via an LDAP directory. This provides authentication and profile information.

All the courses are self-service, so there's no need for any course enrolment information to pass across.

The bit we're working on now is getting gradebook information out of Moodle (that bit's ready), and then combining it with the SAP span of control information in a Business Warehouse to produce reports for managers on what courses have been done by people in their team.

Happy to give you more information if you need it. I'm on the Moodle side though, not the SAP/Business Warehouse side.

Hi John,

There are many LMSs around that can be tweaked to integrate with SAP but it depends on the level of integration you require. If it's just a synchronisation of staff names/accounts you need that should be pretty straightforward.

Oracle iLearning is webservices based and is one of the easier LMSs to integrate with SAP without having to manually expert/import or enter the data.

My company offers hosting of iLearning if you want to know more.


John, most of the major LMS's can be integrated with SAP on a weekly or daily batch process. This is a basic requirement for any of the Enterprise LMS's particularly as many of their customers will be running SAP (or PeopleSoft/Oracle equivalent).

From our analyst research, the issues are generally at the SAP end rather than the LMS, and generally relate to:
a) Unwillingness from the IT SAP team to build interfaces to the SAP system
b) Problems with data quality in SAP itself
c) Customisations within SAP including use of custom fields
d) (For Enterprise customers) Consolidation of people data from multiple HR sources

Regards, David



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