Hi there everyone!


Out platform for delivering podcasts and videos direct to learners via email or the intranet is not great, so we are looking at possibly buying some portable devices that we can assign to people at the start of programs and load up with the podcasts and videos.

Does anyone know which ones are best for us to get?


We need something that is relativtly low cost (as some are likely to go missing or get broken!!) and we want to be able to use video and podcasts.  They also need to be easy to transfer data to.


I think we are also keen to avoid apple products as file formats seem to be an issue when trying to load them up!

Any ideas on what to get and where to get them please!!

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Hi Sally,


This is an interesting topic, and one which has 3 key elements to consider: quality, budget and versatility.

There are untold options available, and no doubt you will be presented with numerous choices. Here would be a few options to consider, based on budget. (I've only included screens 3" and above - If you get smaller screens, the price goes down, as does the viewing experience)

1) Novatech N1 4.3" MP4 Player. This device is available for about £40 per unit, gives a good quality picture, and supports a large number of file formats.


2) Foehn & Kirsch M50HD King Kong 4.3" MP4 Player. retails on ebuyer.com for about £60. As above, excellent native file support. HD screen, and bundles in extra options like ereader functionality. This would be my choice if your budget is below £80 per unit


3) Archos A43VB 8GB MP4 Player. About £85-90 from numerous suppliers including Tesco Direct and Play.com (called "Archos 43 vision"). You'll get a brand name that is synonomous with high quality MP4 players. Excellent Quality touch screen functionality, a reasonable file support, with great screen quality


Beyond these, you are getting into the £100+ category, which contains numerous options (Creative Zen XiFi 2 MP4 3" player - about £100, Samsung Galaxy 8GB MP4 player - £140)


Another consideration could be Netbooks? They are available for about £170 each, give a bigger screen, are still very portable, and would allow for other potetnial uses.


hope that helps, look forward to reading other replies





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