Hello everyone,


I'm always on the lookout for great sources of information and I thought it would be good to hear about which newspapers and magazines you read on a regular or occasional basis where you discover really relevant information.


To start the ball rolling, here are the ones I find exceptionally useful:


Newspapers - regularly:

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Sunday Times
  • Financial Times
Magazines - regularly:
  • Wired (UK edition)
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Fast Comapny
  • Management Today
  • IT Training
  • People Mangement

Magazines - occasionally:

  • The Economist
  • New Scientist

Please share your thoughts - who knows, there might be some real gems for us all to discover!


Thanks in advance.




PS.  I've also posted this on the Training Professional Network to get a good cross-section of responses.

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Hi Jonathan,

We recently conducted a survey as part of our 'What a difference 10 year makes' research, which builds on the recent Towards Maturity Learning Technologies 2010 Benchmark, to help measure significant changes in e-learning in the past 10 years.

As part of this research we asked those with a responsibility for learning in their organisation about their reading habits and the results were as follows:

1. Which press and online publications do you read? (multiple choice)

• People Management 30%
• The Guardian 20%
• E-Learning Age 18%
• Training Journal 18%
• Towards Maturity 18%
• The Independent 16%
• TrainingZone 14%
• Management Today 11%
• Bersin & Associates 11%
• The Telegraph 11%
• Daily Mail 7%
• Financial Times 7%
• Inside Learning 7%
• IT Training 9%
• HR Magazine 9%
• Brandon Hall 9%
• BCS 2%
Others included: Forum Insights, The Economist, Wired, First Monday, Harvard Business Review and
BBC News

2. What press and online publications do you rate the most influential in informing your e-learning development plans? (multiple choice)

• Towards Maturity 16%
• E-Learning Age 11%
• Training Journal 11%
• TrainingZone 11%
• The Guardian 9%
• People Management 9%
• Brandon Hall 9%
• Bersin & Associates 7%
• The Telegraph 2%
• The Independent 2%

3. Are you a member of any learning networks? (multiple choice)

• CiPD 30%
• LSG 23%
• Towards Maturity 14%
• E-learning Network 20%
• Bersin & Associates 7%
• IITT 2%
Others included: Training Zone, ZD Net, e-Learning guild

I hope that's of some use to you. Personally I find the most influential sources of information to be:

• TrainingZone.co.uk
• Training Journal
• E-Learning Age
• Learning Skills Group
• #lrnchat (on Twitter)
• cipd.co.uk/blogs/
• TrainingPressReleases
• Personnel Today
• HR Magazine
• Towards Maturity

Kind regards

Brightwave is the UK's leading workplace e-learning specialist, with an award-winning reputation for quality, engagement and impact.



Thanks so much for providing this detailed and well-researched information.  As I suspected, many people in the L&D community predominantly read L&D "stuff."  Whilst this is only to be expected, I was surprised at how little other "outside influencers" featured in the results.


I was also quite surprised at the dominance of CIPD membership when compared to IITT membership.  I can only think that this is due to asking about "responsibility" for L&D rather than being a general L&D professional.  Are you able to shed more light on this?


Thanks again for sharing this research.  Do you have a link where the readers can get more information?  I'd also be interested to hear from the LSG members to see if their habits align or differ from your research.

Hi Jonathan,

You're very welcome. Of course, there's more information about the 'What a difference' campaign here: http://www.brightwave.co.uk/what-a-difference/.

You may also be interested in the results we collected from our live debate, hosted at Learning Technologies in January. Which looked at how can learning technologies support fast-changing business practice. You can read the review and click through the slides here.

In terms of the membership network split, you are right those who are members of CIPD and not IITT tend to have roles which are more focused on learning and personnel as a whole (Head of HR, Learning Managers and Organisational Development etc), as opposed to those with a specific IT focus.


Thanks again Sam for this great information and the links.




Chief Learning Officer

Talent MAnagement

Training Magazine



The New York Times


But what I find most valuable is Stephen Downes' OLDaily emails:







Thanks for the additional information and adding to the information we're gathering.  Your inclusion of the OLDaily (and the link) promted me to think about which online resources the LSG members refer to on a regular basis.


I'll post a separate question regarding online resources and thanks again for your great input.





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