Hi, i am compiling a database of content providers (of use to the corporate sector) with a view to sharing the results / information for free.  It would be great to hear about your favourite providers.  

They could be providers of free content, open marketplaces, licenced content, micro-learning, LTI, open ed, video based or any others you can think of.  (I am not including bespoke content developers ).

Thanks for sharing,


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For Project Management and Best Practices e-learning (e.g. ITIL) ILX Group (https://www.ilxgroup.com/uk/corporate) hands down.  In terms of their portfolio, support and value we've yet to find a provider that comes close in this area.  Their e-learning is accredited by the relevant body for that qualification, they provide exam booking services and support and for foundation-level qualifications offer an exam guarantee - providing you pass the mock exam in the e-learning with a specified minimum rating, if the candidate then fails the exam ILX will pay for a retake themselves.

Thanks Rafe, great to know

check out http://www.course-source.com which is a B2B marketplace of mainly UK based e-learning content providers.  At present there are 28 publishers with more than 1,500 courses and it is growing all the time.



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