Has anyone used the "Who wants to be a millionaire" format for training evaluation?


We would like to run something at the end of a classroom session to test the delegates' understanding (so KP Level 2 I guess) but it will have to be fun to stop them all heading for the door.


I have found a Powerpoint version on TrainerBubble, but I wondered if there was anything more interactive.  Ideally with remote control handsets so everyone can vote... or is that going too far?


Any thoughts or advice appreciated - thanks.


Best regards,

Gordon Watson


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Hi Gordon,

We too have a PowerPoint version, however in order to maximise the learner activity we play it on a touchscreen SMARTBoard which allows the learners to get up close and 'touchy feely' with the activity.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the SmartBoard suggestion - that would certainly help to get the learners engaged.




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