Why, when we all exchange the same information do we expect to learn?

Here's a challenge . . . I've noticed that L&D folk Tweet L&D stuff, blog L&D stuff and exchange information almost exclusively about L&D stuff.  Given that observation, how on earth are we to expect to understand the wider world and be taken seriously outside of our own L&D 'bubble'?

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I believe you are referring to the elephant in the room! I am writing to from the trenches and would love to talk to L&D guys that results in making money for the businesses. They can speak in tongues sometimes (not all though).
Is it not the natural thing to do (to look beyond L&D) as you suggest?; because you don’t always find real lasting value in the solutions coming from the learning fraternity. I think (for what it’s worth) the answers lies in the local L&D lad or lassie feeling the pain when the business feels the pain of losing. People get very creative when their a!# is in the air and on the firing line!!! That sounds mad but I am exaggerating for effect..

In an article from Charles Jennings from 2006 he talks about the Four Pillars. I think the first one is the most important:
Pillar I: Structure for Accountability: ensure that the organisation structures its learning and development provision so that business managers are accountable for learning efficiency and learning managers are accountable for the effectiveness of business results.
An accountability-driven function can be organised in a number of ways. However it is essential that the accountabilities are incorporated.

Pillar II: Align Priorities:
Pillar III: Anticipate Change:
Pillar IV: Employ Technology:
But then look EVERYWHERE for solutions! There you said it...

No bubbles here in Ireland anymore – did you not hear it was burst by a tiger! 

Kind regards,
Hi Barry,

Loved your comments! I know Charles well and agree with his approach in Pillar I - there is a mutual success to be gained from the business helping L&D and L&D helping the business.

I do however reiterate that L&D people must look beyond their own patch in order to serve and understand the business.


Ps. Sorry to hear about the bubble ;-)



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