Hi, does anyone know what the software is that allows you to "write" on the screen (not type). ie: if you want to circle something and write next to it, the text appears in your own hand writing. Thanks!

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Some of these features are built into authoring tools, however here is a stand alone product (around £50) which will allow you to annotate over any application, called notate it

Not used it myself but seems to do what you want, or search Google for 'annotation software' for more.


Thanks Lee!
Hi Tracey,

Adobe Acrobat 9 looks quite good for sharing documents and suggested amendments. It has a mark up/notes facility to do this. This is good for a print document which you might not have the original programme for.
Microsoft work has a mark up facility if you make changes to a document, which tracks the changes.

Hope this is of help.

Thank you Catherine! I've been looking at the Adobe e-learning suite which looks quite good too.
PDF Annotator, I haven't used it myself but a colleague uses it with his tablet PC and is very impressed.


Great, thanks Hilary!
Hi Tracey
We have been looking at all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, I think my favourite is the Digimemo for capturing hand writing from an A4 pad and turning into text, plus the digimemo also works as a wireless writing tablet, and with the right software can be used for form filling. But what would seem to fit your purpose is this little gadget:
which seems to work like a Mimio, so probably using infra red or ultrasound or combination of the 2 in order to track your handwriting, allowing you to annotate documents, or if using it asynchronously allows you to wrire on screen (so onto a projected image as well)
Sorry not tried this model yet although at this price it could well be in my Santa's list!



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