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Consultant, see: http://cognitiveconsultantsinternational.com/index.php?siteID=14


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About me:

Dr Itiel Dror (e-mail: Itiel@CognitiveConsultantsInternational.com) holds a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience from Harvard University and specializes in the fields of learning, training & skill acquisition, technology & cognition, and human performance, expertise & decision making. He has received numerous awards for his research and teaching innovations, and is a recognized international leader in learning technologies. Dr Dror has conducted research and consultancy for numerous organisations, including the UK Identity and Passport Service, US Air Force, the Japanese Advanced Science Project, the European Aerospace Research & Development Agency, and for a variety of police forces in the UK and in other countries. He has also worked with a host of commercial companies, including IBM, Orange, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deutsche Bank. Itiel’s interest and experience is in taking scientific knowledge and theoretical academic models about the human brain and mind, and translating them into practical ways to improve and affect human performance and decision making in the workplace. Much of his applied work relates to learning and skill acquisition, decision making, and how technology can aid in changing behaviours and cognition. Dr Dror is an associate editor of Pragmatics and Cognition, and is editing a five year series on Cognition and Technology. A special issue on Learning Technologies is currently in press. For more information, please see: www.cognitiveconsultantsinternational.com

Areas of professional interest

Blended learning, Content authoring and design, Human capital and talent management, Instructor-led training, Knowledge management, Gaming and simulations for learning, Measurement methods and technologies, Mobile learning, Skills assessment and competency mapping, Virtual classrooms, Social Media and learning



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"Hi Stuart,

I have some papers to send you about the questions you asked; what is your e-mail, and I will send them to you. (you can e-mail me directly at:
itiel@cognitiveconsultantsinternational.com ).

Feb 4, 2009