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Learning Anorak Ltd

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More than 20 years as a learning professional, in a range of capacities. Passionate about learning and learners. Fascinated by the learning opportunities presented by social media. South African, married to a Swede, living in the UK. Two teenage sons who tell me I'm a 'legend' then roll their eyes when I jump up on my learning soapbox.

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Blended learning, Content authoring and design, Instructor-led training, Organisational learning, Performance support technologies and methods, Skills assessment and competency mapping, Workflow and process-embedded learning, My personal professional development, Social Media and learning



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  • Thanks! Looking forward as well.
  • Check you doing a masters... Go for it honey. Good luck for D-Dday.
  • I saw the wiki looks great. Hope you get a chance for some rest when the masters is finished?
  • How are you?
  • All good things come to those who wait... ;)
  • Hi Karyn , sorry for not coming back to you on your suggestion for the Share & Learn session. Hope you don't feel I was being ignorant (you know wht it's like having a full time job as well). It was a great suggestion but as I found everyone had already lots of things to discuss. I'll be posting some of the themes from the session.

    I'd value your input in to the discussions
  • Thanks so much for your response to my post. I appreciate all the points you make and are in total agreement that we should avoid putting the cart before the horse by applying a prescriptive template to learning programmes.
    I should have taken more time to explain what I'm looking for- as I agree, each programme should be considered independently. My aspiration is to create an over-arching strategy that explains our blended learning philosophy, what we’re trying to achieve, why etc...
    It will describe the kind of interventions we will put into the mix however acknowledge that how these are applied will depend on the individual programme. It will explain how we will engage HR colleagues, other learning practioners and SME’s to bring online learning to life through follow up activity and will include some success measures for our LMS and blended learning in general. I was hoping to benchmark some similar strategies, more in terms of presentation than in content, although I am very open minded and easily inspired!
    Thanks again for your contribution and welcome any other thoughts you have.
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