We're all familiar with the "talk and chalk" style webinar; there's a moderator or host and speaker who presents a bunch of slides with some questions from the audience at the end.  Apart from interaction via text chat in the background or as a back channel, there is no real interaction going on - it's mostly one way.  This is the only practical way of doing things if you have a large group.  But what if you have a smaller, defined group - say 10 or 15 participants?


What ideas do you have or things you do to make your webinars more interactive?  I've outlined some I've read about in an excellent book I'm reading but do you have any other ideas? 


I'm reading Nicky Hockly's 'Webinars - A cookbook for educators'.  In this book, Nicky outlines some ways to make Webinars more interactive - such as:

'The talk show format' where a host interviews an expert and fields questions coming in from the audience - a bit like a presentation Q&A without the presentation.


'The try it out' and 'participant input' formats where participants are asked to actually do something as part of the webinar - such as add a comment to a blog posting platform or upload something -give a five minute presentation - here the focus is on the participants and not a presenter.


'The guided tour' format where the host will share their screen or browser to show participants how a piece of software works etc and participants can follow and ask questions during the demonstration.


And of course a mixture of these. 


So, what else can I try?



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