Mobile Learning App Encore scores with Version 2 Release

Learning Pool is pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of Encore, their mobile learning App. Feedback from hundreds of pilot participants has been instrumental in shaping this new release.

Encore provides learners with short learning tasks delivered to a pre-determined schedule to their mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

This approach is designed to support blended learning, so having completed an e-learning module or attended a training event, learners will receive ongoing performance support over time via their mobile.

One pilot participant commented, “I found Encore a refreshing way to learn and it really helps solidify key learning points at a time when you are most likely to forget them”.

Encore’s interface has been updated to suit iOS 7, and the Android version has been similarly adjusted for consistency. Performance enhancements have been introduced and new features added.

Ryan Adams, Technical Architect said today, “After testing Encore version 1 with real users in real situations, we have intensified our focus on the task driven spaced learning aspects. We’ve worked hard to improve the user experience, with a fresh modern design and a simpler interface.”

Many of the changes to Encore version 2 are to the server-side management system. These changes give Learning Pool a firm foundation for future developments and enable them to develop numerous new features which they hope to roll out over the coming months.

Want to see the mobile learning App in action? You can demo Encore here.

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