Online Education Solutions & the Changing Learning Landscape

India’s online education market is all set to grow to a whopping USD 1.96 billion (around 9.6 million users) by 2021, from USD 247 million (approximately 1.6 million users) in 2016, says a report by KPMG. The numbers are a clear reflection of how technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives, including education with online education solutions.

Today’s educators have to continually rethink higher education for a system that’s being transformed by technology.

Online learning solutions are being actively leveraged by educational institutions across the world to make the education system more conducive to learning. The tried and tested chalk and blackboard method of learning is now outdated since learners find a lot of benefits in the flexibility and autonomy online education solutions have to offer.

So, how is online education helping students learn better?

In addition to the convenience and cost-saving, a large number of educational institutions are turning to online education solutions and online courses because they have become a better way to impart knowledge to their students.

Here are some ways online education is helping students learn better-

1. Flexibility

With online education solutions, students enjoy the freedom to own their learning as they aren’t tied down to a fixed routine. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, the online mode of learning gives learners the power to delegate their time however they want.

Online learning solutions are also great for people who work the whole day and can’t attend classes in person. This is why various institutions today, from ivy league to degree colleges, offer a range of online courses, degrees, and certifications to help students learn at their convenience.

2. Interactive models and digital simulations

Interactive models and digital simulations allow students to understand difficult concepts better.

Further, technology has made learning much more fun as students can engage in a diverse array of learning tasks that also help them improve their retention in terms of new concepts.

3. Frequent assessments to help reduce distractions

One of the key benefits of online courses is the convenience and frequent assessments they offer. They are, in fact, instrumental to student-learning as interspersing multimedia content and interactive learning materials with regular short assessments/tests can improve student engagement substantially.

This is further validated by a research report from Harvard, which shows that these crisp and regular assessments help reduce student-distractions by almost half while also improving the overall retention of the content.

How can educational institutions utilize online education solutions for teaching?

Technology, in the form of online education solutions, allows educational institutions to create new opportunities for their learners continually. Some of the other ways they can benefit from this include-

  • Cost-Savings

For educational institutes looking to reduce costs and increase ROI, online education solutions can significantly reduce overheads (classroom-based resources and manpower) and assist with scalability.

  • Dynamic method of learning

Educational institutions have always seen online education as an add-on to traditional courses. However, the data suggests that this trend is rapidly changing, with as high as 3.3 million web searches for online learning solutions in recent times. It has, in fact, become an invaluable method of learning and a robust financial pillar for the ongoing development programs of various educational institutions.

  • Upskilling trainers

Online learning solutions can be extremely helpful for educators to advance their skills in various areas, such as curriculum implementation, leadership development, and policy setting, both independently as well as with the support of their respective institutions. Furthermore, it allows them to learn new skills relevant to their careers and collaborate with their peers.

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