Things you didn’t know about Tin Can API (xAPI, Experience API)

Tin Can API, the successor to SCORM has been making news in the E-Learning industry for a while due to its unique features such as offline tracking, tracking learner experience, reducing the need for an LMS, etc. In this blog, we will majorly focus on things that most of us aren’t aware of – Demystifying Tin Can API.
Naming Confusion:

Tin Can, Experience API and xAPI all these three are same. Many of us often misunderstand it as 3 different APIs. So, what’s the story? Why 3 names for the exact same thing?

This is because, originally Tin Can was developed by Rustici Software as a research project in collaboration with ADL (Advance Distribute Learning) and the project was named as “Tin Can”. When the project was made official by ADL it was named as Experience API, in short, xAPI. But, Tin Can was already widely adopted and came into commercial use even before it was launched. So, the name Tin Can is stuck since then. It is a matter of choice to call it with either of names as long as you know that both of them are same.

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