We are reviewing our induction programme considering ways that we can make the process more enjoyable and effective before, during and after the first day. This obviously means blending all sorts of learning platforms but I would be really interested to know in a general sense how other firms in the Banking, Insurance and Finance sectors induct new starters.Thanks in advance.Vaughan Waller

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  • Hi Vaughan,

    In Standard Chartered, we have the Right Start Programme as our global induction. As soon as you get your Bank ID and access to systems you are guided through a portal on our intranet that links your 3 month roadmap of activities to staged line manager conversations. You have a joint checklist (unfortunately static paper) which you need to run through and agree with your line manager (initial performance objective setting which is consolidated after 3 month induction, areas of development, general orientation, corporate values, what our brand means to us etc)

    We then ask you to go through our own simulation portal (well simulation is maybe hyping it) but essentially you go enter a lift and go through all the levels (video message from CEO, links to Group Code of Conduct, our Sustainability Agenda on 1 st floor etc) as well as our history, footprint, links to business performance, product range and then up to levels covering different areas of the bank - each floor has desks where you are welcomed and told about say Compliance or Corporate Affairs or Risk etc. It looks quite good but I guess in 2 years it will look fairly dated.

    The compulsory piece is a set of no less than 7 mandatory elearnings (we have tried to slim this down on three separate occasions!) - covering regulatory stuff, AML, Group Code of Conduct, Data security etc. These are on our Saba LMS and are tagged as the Right Start Certification path so if new joiners don't complete within 90 days then that triggers an email notification to you and your line manager. Finally we used to have a full day in country induction workshop where L&D in country cajoled senior leaders to present their area one after another. Good exposure and networking but after 7/8 ppt talks people were wiped out! So we changed that to a Right Start Live event - only 3 hours where the country CEO has a wine and cheese event and a chat, Q&A. Each area then needs to carry out their functional/ business induction, but this is not standardised and can be adhoc depending on the geography.

    Hope this helps..
    • Ivor, I am very grateful for this detailed explanation of your induction programme. You have clearly given this new programme a great deal of thought and I bet it took a considerable investment of time and effort to put it all together. Since I posted this last year we have started our revamp of our induction but I now know that to do this properly takes time and a lot of consultation. Thanks again.
  • Vaughan,
    We are doing a major review right now of our onboarding programme - too m uch to document here so feel free to have a chat with David Lockett from my team (you'll probably recall him from your ELN days). david.lockett@landg.com
    • Many thanks Andy and Norman for your replies.
  • We have three elements - a pre-joining website which new starts can use between getting the job offer and day 1 at work, a corporate induction website covering information common to all parts of the group, and local induction specific to their business unit, which takes a range of forms - whatever is appropriate in that business unit.
  • Hi Vaughan,

    You should take a look at what Sky are doing with their induction portal. Take a look at my recent LSG webinar (should be linkable from my LSG home page - if not just shout) as that contains comments from Sky themselves together with a series of explanatory screenshots. The business case is extremely robust and Sky's commitment to brand/employee engagement really comes through in the comprehensiveness and dynamism of the learning experience.

    Of course, always happy to talk in more detail if this sort of approach appeals.
    • Many thanks Lars - I'll check it out!
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