In this economic climate L&D has a unique opportunity to add business value through learning innovation but we need to be able to grab management attention if we are to succeed.This group is about sharing hints , tips and evidence to support change.
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The time has never been better to engage decision makers and managers with innovative approaches to learning, particularly when good use of technology has the potential to significantly deliver more ( business results, efficiency, productivity) for less ( time, money, resources).

However many remain sceptical and, now more than ever, it is important to be able to lay our hands on real examples showing real evidence of change to support our business case.

This group is about saving each other time by sharing links to resources that provide concrete facts and figures about bottom line business results that we can quickly access and use to engage our sceptics, managers and budget holders.

The Towards Maturity Team have already started to gather some great stuff through our Evidence for Change programme and we’ll use this group to share a summary of what we find.

But ,more importantly, what has inspired you?

Where have you seen compelling evidence that demonstrates the bottom line business impact of learning technologies in the workplace?

We hope you will use this group to provide links to:

• research data has been most useful to you in making your case for change?
• case studies (either via LT or elsewhere) that have inspired change in your organisation?
• information sources that have helped you create your internal business case?

I'd love to hear from you!

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  • As a newbie, I'd cite the LSG presentation we had this morning (14 Feb) by Mike Leavy of Virgin Media who quoted some amazing statistics relating to what they've been doing with their learning provision. You have to listen to the webinar for all the facts but one of the participants worked out that they are reaching 4 times as many people as before and saving £400k per year!

    I think the replay is available from early next week but don't know how to access it (yet). I expect Laura does;)

    BTW love the idea of this group - this is just the information I need when going into organisations to help L&D people make a case for introducing more flexible learning packages!

  • I am in the process of changing my responsibilities, and with that comes a new title: Do you feel there is any difference between an L&D Consultant  and an L & D Advisor? The remit includes lots of  looking at different ways to deliever highly technical and complex traditional classroom based using learning technologies, be that utilising SoMe, Developing or sourcing Rapid Content or more traditional e-learning. Any alternatives on what that type of Job Role should be called? I'd be greatful for any feedback
  • TMs online Benchmark Centre has been developed to help organisations improve their use of Learning Technologies and deliver business results.
  • Hi Folks,

    Thanks for this thread.  My company has recently reduced training department staff significantly (10 in last three months) so the ongoing requirements are now sitting heavily on shoulders of those left.  Not complaining but the business is looking for us to justify ROI etc.  These stories and guidelines will be of great assistance.  I will pass on learning etc.

    Many thanks,


  • Apologies for the silence for a while - we've been working on consolidating some of the evidence that's out there.

    Here are 3 links that you might find useful to refer to if you are planning to either engage managers for the first time or to keep them engaged after a programme has been launched:

    Becta's Delivering Results report

    Evidence for 8 key business benefits identified from nearly 50 named case studies across the private and public sector - if your business issue is efficiency, green issues, improved productivity - there is something for everyone here, plus links to all the original case studies if you want to find out how they did it:

    Towards Maturity's Impact Indicator

    We gathered the views of over 200 participants to understand the business impact of learning technologies in the workplace - how much time and money is actually being saved, what impact are learning technologies having on important issues like business agliilty, productivity, speed of rollout of new products, processes etc.

    Evidence for change

    We've also added 10 new case study examples to the Towards Maturity Evidence for Change programme showing how businesses are delivering bottom line impact.

    All the resources can be followed here:

    Would love to know how you are using evidence like this to help engage managers in your business - do share your secrets :)


  • @Nige I look forward to learning more about those. Almost every plan I have come up with has been stonewalled by a command-and-control management structure too terrified to empower their staff. Subversion anyone? ;)
  • Thanks Karyn, much appreciated. Laura published a case study on the Towards Maturity site earlier this year on the B/T 'Dare2Share' story and this article provides further insight. Having just been involved in the judging process for the e-learning awards we've been able to find some great new stories to support 'Evidence for Change' although we can't do anything with any of them until after the awards evening in November.

    Any other insights, stories or research sources gratefully received.
  • Here's a paper by Eric Davidove and Peter Butler published by Accenture in April this year that might be useful.
  • The Priory Group originally spoke at LT back in 07 - in Sept 09 they are still going strong and have some great evidence of success. Their shift to embedd technology in learning has resulted in:

    Improved induction processes allowing new care homes to be opened faster
    Ongoing CPD for many roles
    L&D service improvements have extended supply chain of learning, improved consistency, quality and efficiency.
    Savings of over £ 9 million over a 5 year period (calculated from both cost and time savings)

    Full story just published on Training Zone
  • I'm with Laura on this 'Evidence for Change' programme. The examples are out there - we just need to capture them and disseminate for everyones' benefit. I'm working on a small piece of research right now that will greatly benefit from 'real world' examples, so hope to both contribute and be a beneficiary in this group.
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