Loading Captivate materials into the NPIA/NCALT MLE

Does anyone have a foolproof method of loading the published files from Captivate (we use version 4) into the NPIA/NCALT MLE?


I have managed to get the MLE to acknowledge activity, to return me to the place I left the training, and to record 'In progress' or 'Complete' but it is not recording any of the activity details i.e. which pages have been completed and so on. (it knows because it's returning me as I said, but it's keeping it secret!)


I appreciate that there are very few plug and play methods but this one seems to call for something in addition that I'm missing. The Captivate files do not include an imsmanifest.xml file - do I need to create one? Again we're moving further away from plug and play.


Any help gratefully received, thanks.


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  • Dave

    As Mark states, I have been asked by NCALT to deliver the session at the NCALT SUG tomorrow (4th May) at Ryton so I will be covering some areas like settings etc.

    I will be putting together a PDF handout for delivery after the session by email.


    • Hi Lee


      Yes, I'll be there tomorrow - sat at the front with pen and paper in hand. Look forward to seeing you.




  • Hi Dave

    Will you be attending the SUG meeting at Ryton tomorrow (040411)? I am part of the L&D section of Project Athena and have been tasked to investigate this issue. NCALT are going to be putting on a workshop where I will be asking those questions and hopefully getting some answers. I will try and update you if you are not going.


    regards PC Mark Mannering

  • Hi

    I'm new to this myself - but have you set the options within the Project, Advanced Interaction within Captivate, then within the publishing screen have you gone into the LMS Standard Manifest button and changed the fields on the front page as follows: Report status fields to 'Complete/Incomplete and percent' along with Report data: Quiz results and slide views with Slide view completion set to 100 %? 

    Let me know how you get on as I'm about to add something myself so could have similar issues!

    Just thought - are you testing it on the Test MLE or on the live system - I know the Test system doesn't update the reports immediately so this could be another issue to take into account(?)

    All the best


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