• Apr 19, 2018 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Get rid of Google - give your people the right learning, right when they need it

James Tyas, Senior Instructional Designer and Project Lead, Saffron Interactive

Aisling Murphy, Instructional Designer and Project Lead, Saffron Interactive


Where do your employees turn when they need guidance in their daily roles? We’d all love to think it’s the LMS, company intranet or other designated knowledge repository. In reality, they’re much more likely to go to Google or a colleague instead. Yet this basic and fundamental learner need seems to be largely ignored by learning and development.

It’s been shown that getting the knowledge you need when you need it significantly increases productivity. This leads to better critical thinking, creativity, and employee engagement.

Imagine reaching learners 100% of the time, rather than just the 10% of it spent in formal training, or the 20% being mentored by time-poor managers.

This session will look at how:

  • Point-of-need technology represents the future of on demand learning for the learner-as-consumer
  • Behavioural science insights can predict and motivate learner behaviour
  • Trends such as personalisation, curation, social learning, and AI all feed into the digital potential of point-of-need tools
  • User adoption to new processes and systems can be transformed
  • Automated point-of-need learning can reduce strain on managers and support teams alike and increase return on investment
  • L&D departments can use this to partner with the workforce and business, and evaluate learning resources in real time

James Tyas - Senior instructional designer and project lead - Saffron Interactive

James is an avid gamer, constantly seeking best-in-class digital experiences that dovetail with his keen interest in behavioural economics research. He applies his findings to create truly magnetic experiences which change learner behaviours. James has extensive experience of managing Saffron projects both large and small and is regularly praised by customers for his diligence and creativity. His recent project for a global German bank won CIR Business Continuity Award for Initiative of the Year, and he was a finalist for Rising Star at this year’s Learning Awards.

Aisling Murphy – Instructional designer and project lead - Saffron Interactive

A qualified teacher, Aisling brings a deep understanding of learning theory and practice to our digital world. Continuing to further this understanding through her studies for a Master’s in Education at UCL, Aisling’s research project focuses on the use of storytelling in digital learning to motivate and engage adult learners. Having also worked in theatre PR and toured with an immersive theatre company, she continues to deliver engaging dramatic narratives to a spellbound target audience, except this time it’s to hit learning objectives and deliver behavioural change.

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Making personalized, collaborative learning a reality 
Joel Hellermark, CEO & Founder, Sana Labs 
Collaboration and personalisation are two trends that dominate contemporary thinking about workplace learning. 
Collaborative learning involves synchronous, interactive live sessions with groups of learners, and is powered by social dynamics and community. 
Personalization focuses on self-paced instruction that responds to the unique needs of every learner, and is powered and scaled by AI. 
Is it possible to combine these two? According to Joel it is. In this session, he will explore what it means to combine these two approaches in entirely new ways—using social dynamics to increase engagement while responding to each learner’s needs to improve learning outcomes. Join us to explore the exciting possibilities of personalized, collaborative learning.
Registration link to come