So... How is it all going where you are?

We, in the Public Sector, are all currently in a state of Flux, Change and Cost Cutting.  I am sure that everyone out there is experiencing change in one form or another, whether it is being scruitinised about cost effectiveness or asked to do more with less.


How have you all faired, or are you waiting for October?


I, myself, am looking at how I can increase our Performance Support for the end-users in a number of different ways trying to incorporate the 5 moments of need. 


So, what are you all doing and how are you making ends meet.


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  • Hi Denise,
    We in Tower Hamlets Council have undergone yet another restructure which has included redundancies both forced and voluntary. HR are just the first, I don't doubt the rest of the council will follow. We are awaiting the October date with anticipation! On the up side though I now manage all the training for the council both IT and Soft Skills and I have a new manager who is very enthusiastic and supportive!!
    • Congratulations on taking on both streams -
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