There are many coaching models out there.  But which is the best.  I have been researching acronym based coaching models for some time now and am going to release one every week for discussion.  This will help me understand which we think is best.  Join the group and see new coaching models every week

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Coaching Models discussion forum

Models will be added from time to time.  I would be interested in your thoughts for each of these as coaching models and whether you would use them yourselves.

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  • Graham thanks for following.  If you come across any coaching models then please let us know them.

  • Here's another model for you

    ACE FIRST by Graham Lee although he's shortened it to ACES





    What are your thoughts on this one?

  • Just joined this group as I have an interest and passion for coaching. I am qualified as a coach with the Coaches Training Institute and do some coaching within my role at work. Still very new to it all though and my knowledge of other methods and techniques is currently limited.

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Coaching models - STAR

Having been asked to research acronym based coaching models I have teamed up with to present my findings, which include over 80 different models.STARSituationTask (or Thoughts)ActionResultsTo find out more about this coaching model please go to the article itself - so you think of this model?  Is this something that you would use in your own coaching?

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