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Flip charts from the LMS Interest Group 14th June 2011

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  • Looking at these flip charts some 8 months later, have the issues you are all experiencing changed much?

  • Hi Andy


    Taking me a while to get on the site again and join the group due to other commitments but I'll be looking to share my experiences as we go through integrating our LMS over the coming months and also to learn from others who have gone through this already


  • Welcome to the LMS Interest Group!


    For those that can't make the interest group session on 14th, I'd be interested to hear what is keeping you awake about your LMS - and there's certainly a lot happening!:

    • SaaS - most of the Magic Quadrant players now SaaS focussed
    • Mergers/Acquisitions - is your vendor next and what does that mean?
    • Social Learning - can yours enable social/collaboration tools?
    • The LMS is dead - or is it?
    • LMS as part of a wider HT IT Strategy - you do have one of those, don't you?

    The agenda on the days is your's - feel free to help shape it here!

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Communication & Engagement around LMS launch

Launching a new LMS in a large organisation where the only experience of LMS is for compliance learning is a daunting prospect. Without getting in to the LMS debate around 'class vending machine' etc what hints and tips can you give around building a comunications strategy to support the launching of LMS in a large org (15K+) employees Things I'm thinking around are: Finding our what's important to learners?How can you sell the benefits to users? What's in it for them?How can you shift the view…

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