Group for those attending the 'Taking the Next  Step' session on the afternoon of Day 2 of LT11 (but you're more than welcome to join, even if you aren't attending!)

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  • Hi Craig,


    Yes I plan to join the next step session. I wasn't sure at first since I wasn't quite sure what was meant with learning technologies. But when you sent me the explanation on Twitter I decided to join.


    We are in the process of going from a regular e-learning and face-2-face delivery of learning into a more social way of dealing with learning. We will still have a lot of traditional e-learning and f-2-f but if everything goes according to plan we will add on collaboration and social tools to our IT-environment.


    As you know I use Twitter quite frequently as a learning tool but that is out of pure personal interest. There is basically no support from my company to use Twitter but hopefully this will change. We had a huge break through a couple of weeks ago when Twitter wasn't blocked anymore. That was a real Hallelujah moment for me.


    I believe it will be quite interesting for me to listen to what you have done and what issues you have faced introducing Learning 2.0 tools in your organisation.


    Looking forward to it!




  • Hi Mattias,

    Thanks for joining the group.

    Are you planning to attend the 'next step' session? If so, why? Is there anything specific that you want to gain from it? What tools are you already using?

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Post LT11UK follow up

Hi Folks, Following Learning Technologies 2011 I thought I would put together a monthly blog post looking a little closer at each of the tools that were briefly discussed in my session. February's blog post looked at some little known functionality that is tucked away inside YouTube. Interested? Take a look here  

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Taking the next step....

Hi Folks, I am co-facilitating a session on the afternoon of Day 2 LT11 on the subject of 'Taking The Next Step...' If you are just starting your journey with learning technologies but are unsure as to where to start, don’t worry!   I was in your shoes last year but over the past 12 months I've gained a great deal of experience in using current and emerging learning technologies. During this session I hope to be able to enthuse you to leave LT11 with the same passion and energy that I left LT10…

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