Another problem with "solutionering" struck me recently.  Once our client has decided that "they need a learning solution" (or HR or I.T. or any simple solution) they lock their perception on to implementing that solution at the expenses of other things that need to be done at the same time.  For example we have decided that we need more sales skills means that we have turned our focus away from; better sales literature, improving the commision, simplifying our sales process, spending more time finding out what customers like to buy and looking at my performance as a sales leader?  Gestalt psychology suggests that human beings are always striving to keep things in wholeness, in order or togwether.  We also tend to lock on to one solution and lock out others. I think that one of the key stregths of a good internal consultant is the ability to open up the clinet's problem to multiple solutions which are much more likely to be successful than simplist, single ones. Just a thought . Nigel

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