Reasons for solutioneering

I am compiling a list of common reasons for solutioneering in organisations, can you add to it?

1. The human desire to make things concrete to avoid the anxiety of the ambiguous

2. Organisational pressure for quick fixes

3. L&D people who like to provide L&D solutions


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  • I heard a great talk at the Association Of Business Psychologist conference by Michael Lazan on
    Self Deception
    Yet another reason for solutioneering.
    He says that people resist the probability that they have a problem
    It is the fundamental reason why most organisational solutions do not work
    His core solutions to getting people out of their self-deception box are; "focus on results", "create a common language", "focus on others
    Or use the 7-step process
    • 5. A tendancy to "lock- on" to one solution and therefore "lock-off" to many more
  • 9. Comparison led solution - all our competitors are adopting silver solutions - we must follow them
  • 6. Tradition. "We've always done it this way"

    7. Organisational pressure for solutions that worked in the past. "This worked for that project, so let's do it for this one"

    8. Power. "I can tell you what to do and you need to just go and do it".
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