Benchmarking - chance to share and learn?

Hi everyone,Hope you're all well. This group has been going for some time and it's fantastic to see new members joining all the time. I really hope you have benefited from some discussions and shared or learned something new from this group.I've been a bit quiet recently on this forum as I've had my head down since last March working my socks off in a new role with some stretching and challenging projects. I've come out the other end smiling (just) and am now getting chance to look up again and breathe which is a great feeling.My organisation is currently going through a large and complex change programme and will be doing so for the next 2 years. We have a fantastic opportunity as a L&D team to think about what sort of team we want to be in 2 years time and how we can influence the business around linking learning to performance and competencies and what delivery channels and systems we can use and how we change the perception of learning from being a formal process to something that is at the heart of everything we do and happens everyday. Aspirational, yes, but within our power and we are passionate about making this happen.In order to start this journey I'm involved in a benchmarking exercise where we are working with other organisations and sharing what we do and how we do it. I'm looking for any other L&D teams who would be willing to be involved and share and learn from us in the form of visits, teleconferences, web meetings or any form of communication that can help us with 'what good looks like'.Areas we're looking at are across both HR & L&DPre-induction and onboarding tools and experienceTeam structure and modelSystems like LMS or HR systemsPerformance management, indicators and competenciesDelivery channels - e.g Virtual classrooms, how are they integrated and any lessons learned to share?Design tools and techniquesDistributing learning and accessing learningContent creation , rapid authoring etcEvaluating learningInformal learning , social learning in action via platforms or collaborative technologiesIf you are proud of something that your org has achieved or just want to benchmark what you do against another org or want to share anything around learning then please let me know, DM me or leave a comment and i'll give more information.ThanksMike

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  • Hi Mike


    Good to have you back - hope you are having fun in your new role! As a starting point , you might want to check out the Towards Maturity Benchmark report for 2010/11 where we consolidated information on pretty much all of these areas in our last survey


    We're also just about to do another piece of work looking at benchmarking across the leadership development process & have recently started to gather quite a bit of new stuff on Key performance indicators etc etc.


    Given than we've now had over 1200 orgs who have been through the benchmark over the last few years,  few companies have now started to use our 'formal' benchmark and the resulting TM model now to form a basis for their informal benchmarking with other orgs - let me know if you need more info.



    • Hi Laura


      Great to hear from you and yes I think it would be good to catch up about the work that we're undertaking and how the work that TM has completed can help us. I've been on the website already as I remember we had this conversation a while ago when we also talked about our Employer Story when we won Blended Learning Solution of the Year in 2007. Sadly we didn't get chance to shout about this success due to a number of factors but we really want to be in a position to tell our story over the next couple of years and the journey that we're going to be going on.


      I believe you were speaking to my colleague at a conference a couple of weeks ago and there is a session on the 12th your involved in that he might be attending, hopefully I might be attending as well so be great to catch up.


      Speak soon


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