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Online Learning Communities

Hi everyone,

It's been a little while since I've popped in and shared something but I hope everyone is doing well.

I've been working on a big project at DPG since the start of the year moving our online community from a Ning 2.0 (same platform that thi

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What's been happening?

Hi everyone

There hasn't been a great deal of activity in this group recently.

I've changed roles and left RBS now to head up community development, online learning and social media management at DPG plc.

It's been a massive change moving from a very co

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What matters most?

I've been hearing the phrase "what matters most" for a while... I think as budgets shrink and resource gets tighter we've seen a  much more strategic view in and around learning & HR toadd as much value as we can within our business.


This is a good t

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Professional Development Policy

Hi Everyone,


I have been asked to re-write our CPD Policy.  The current policy is permeated by 'training' and this is something that I would like to address by recasting with a distinct 'learning' focus, particularly in recognising that learning happ

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Capturing CPD/CPE

Hi All


I think this forum is a mainly UK-based forum and not sure whether UK has similar issues but here goes....


In South Africa our staff whop are members of regulatory bodies often have to record and submit evidence of continuing professional deve

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