Benchmarking Management Development

Hi, does anyone have any benchmarking data relating to management development? I know you can join benchmarking consultants but these are expensive, so would appreciate it if someone could share any data they may have - thanks.

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  • Hi Diane,

    Did you find any benchmarking data that you could use? How has it helped? Would be great to get an update from you to share with the group to help other who might be in a similar situation

    Many thanks
  • Training media should be segmented with nano-bytes of information.
    Use levity for Management Development and keep it didactic.

    Video Arts is a good source that can be contacted for some excellent examples of the aforementioned requirement.
  • Nothing to hand to share, but have you looked at CIPD and Business School websites, they may have some free research available.
    • Hi Claire, thanks for this. I have checked CIPD and they have some information regarding average number of manager training days for 2004 and average spend, but nothing more. Some of the business schools charge for their surveys, but I will keep looking on their sites. Many thanks.
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