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Does anyone have any quick and dirty guidelines to the issues surrounding accessibility? i.e. ideal screen resolution, provision of training 'transcript', etc.


I'm thinking particularly of the problems that might occur if Flash content is increased in an e-learning package.


We had a situation recently where a visually-impaired individual who required their screen to be set to 800x600, tried a third party package but found it was unworkable due to the need to scroll around the page whilst a video was playing designed for a higher res. (1280x720). No transcript was available.


Any help/suggestions?



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  • Hi Dave

    Great source of info on any types of accessibility is http://www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/   Unfortunately, they are only able to provide direct support to HE & FE providers, however, their site contains loads of useful resources  Here is link to their Flash Guidance http://www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/techdis/resources/detail/learnersmatte...


  • Hi Dave,


    If you are developing in 'Flash', this will support students with minor accessibility needs.  When designing the supplier should provide an accessibility settings panel, which allows students to adjust:

    • colour and contrast of the background area and text to enhance readability for colourblind and dyslexic learners
    • text size for visually impaired
    • audio on/off.

    The course can also be magnified using Flash's native Zoom function negating the use of a screen reader


    Hope this helps



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