Learning Skills Conf 2011 or #lsg11uk

Hi everyone,


Like some of you I have just returned from the LSG conference that was held @Olympia on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the day and met up with people that I have been tweeting with over the last few months as well as met new people who all share the same passions and interests as me!


I'm sure there will be lots of discussions on this forum and other sites about the conference but I feel that as this is the Share and Learn Good Practice Group I'd see if anyone wants to continue the discussions here and can share what they have come away with those that might not have been lucky enough to attend.


I attended all three interest groups - Mobile Learning, Talent and Competencies & Learning Management and what really struck me with was the power of getting like minded people in a room with a common interest. The facilitators Rich Gill, Jim Fingland & Andy Wooler all did a great job at keeping discussions going and on track given that there was only an hour. Everyone participated and shared what they wanted to get out of the session, the challenges they faced and then either shared successes or lessons learned.


I know the groups will be looking to continue their discussions with all facilitators looking to keep the interest and sharing going via this site or through setting up further meetings in the future which is fantastic to hear.


This was the first year that I really tried to keep track or particpate in the Twitter backchannel. It was great being in the interests groups but still occasionally checking the stream for key nuggets of info from other sessions and then on the way home on the train I could read up on what was happening from others on Twitter. I have really bought in to the power of Twitter and probably think it's my number 1 learning tool now.


Did you attend the conference? Is so what did you learn that you can share with others or if you didn't attend did you check the Twitter backchannel? Be good to hear from you!





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