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Thanks to everyone who attended the 'sharing good practice' meeting yesterday.  As the majority were, like me, attending to find out more about it, I hope it was of value to you.

As a summary for everyone, we had a round table collection of current challenges and concerns.  These included:-

- Social Learning - L&D governance, proving business benefit & value
- Collaboration/Sharing - improving/enabling SME skills
- Virtual classrooms - - techniques/tips/infrastructure problems

- Open Source Sharing tools, e.g. ning, yammer
- Overcoming 'solutioneering' by management
- Management involvement and follow-through on L&D events
- Wikis - Use and management of, including issues of moderation or self-policing
- Moodle - making it look user-friendly
- Upskilling L&D staff in new technology
- Resource balancing - i.e. face to face versus technology
- Restrictive and conservative organisations and business cultures
- E-learning approaches for developing decision-making skills
- LMS - customisation and simplification of user interface for several products
- Training Needs analysis - how best to do
- Compliance - achieving through e-learning
- Just-In-Time learning for decision support
- Resistance to new technology

The first three were relevant to many attendees, particularly issues related to the user of social learning within organisations, so most discussion was in this area.

We agreed to use this forum to raise these topics more formally and hopefully generate some useful discussion, so I'd encourage those that identified any of the above as their challenges to start the balling rolling by posting more detailed questions to the group.


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  • Like many other organizations we are entering into the whole virtual class environment.  I'd be interested in learning and seeing different example templates that people use to design and deliver these events.  We''ve been having an interesting debate internally about documenting this either by using existing ILT templates or creating something new.    The challenge in VC is that unlike a traditional classroom, we have an additional role, the Producer who words alongside the instructor.



    • Hi Rob,


      We have online tools (WebEx and Genysys) but only really use for online meetings, ad-hoc sessions and some limited training where this method has been used because it's the easiest option due to geographical reasons rather than driven by suitable content. We will be looking to utilise VC when we have technology in place and have started thinking seriously about how online training needs to be designed and delivered differently to F2F.


      How have you established what's suitable for online, have you transformed traditional training to be online friendly or designed from scratch? Be interested to know.


      This article has helped me start thinking about the process to transform F2F sessions to online, it might be useful to you





  • Hi Xerox use Virtual Classrooms VERY extensively now. We've built and deployed over 50 different classes in the last 18 months and had about 1,500 delegates to date. Happy to share experiences ....

    We've been less successful with Communities of Practice using SharePoint though ... very patchy take up.
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