I know SharePoint has been discussed in the social learning group but I was hoping to hear any success stories from this group around using SP for learning purposes.

I'm just about to start a pilot using SP to support on-the job / informal learning:

  • Discussions - forums based on three key elements of the business area
  • Blogs - From the leadership team down everyone will be encouraged to write a weekly/monthly blog and the blog link will be added to SP for easy access (we can't use RSS)
  • Wiki library 1 - This will be used as a technical area where our learners will be able to edit case studies and/or respond to scenario's 
  • Wiki library 2 - This library will be built to house virtual classroom recordings of a new system, this will support live online sessions.
I have experienced SP before and other collaborative platforms (like Ning) and am excited by this approach as we have management buy-in, we're starting from scratch so no history of doing it differently and have linked the level of involvement / interactions of this population to their CPD and R&R.

I've tried to start simple and stay away from using SP as anything other than a collaborative space so it won't become a document store. L&D are supporting the design and creation of the site and then working with members of this team throughout it's start up to BAU where I'm hoping the business will sustain it's use without L&D having to keep prompting.

Has anyone any thoughts or comments on the above approach or other examples of using SP successfully?


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  • I delivered a Webinar to the team who will be using the SharePoint site - it's all set it up ready to go.

    Demonstrated how the discussions work, how blogs will be linked and how the wiki libraries will work. The teams seemed pretty engaged and eager to set up their MySite pages so looks promising.

    Will keep you posted how it goes
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